Welcome to my website

Hello and welcome to my website. As you can see by the contents, I’m a writer. I’ve done pretty well over the last few years publishing several books and attending book signing events. I live in Manning Alberta which is in the heart of Peace River, an amazing place to live. What better source of inspiration is there than gorgeous scenery, lush forests, wild lakes and countryside teeming with animals.

I’ve always had a love of animals and nature, and those themes are the source for many of my books. I’ve written two fiction books ( all using the names of my grandchildren), and one non-fiction book about an Elk that I saved ( or she saved me) when we used to have an Elk farm. If you visit my gallery you can see some of the photos of Butter and other elks that we looked after. My life is a little less busy now, but that means I’m hard at work writing my next book.
Stay tuned for news about my latest book Wolf Spirit..and all the best to you and your families. Thanks for dropping by!

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