Lining up interviews

It’s amazing that I seem to get more attention for my books from other places- not in my own hometown. I just posted a tiny link to an interview I gave for Saskatchewan, and in the fall I’ll be speaking on a blog radio show in the U.S. But I go down to my local store and no one seems to really care about my work.
I wonder why that is?
Anyway, here’s something funny that happened to me the other day:
My granddaughter came to see me one day and I was int he computer room writing my latest novel. She hollers “grandma, where are you?”
“I’m in here honey” I respond.
She says- “Well I can hear you but where is the rest of your body?”

I love kids!! Stay tuned for more updates on all of my books! Thanks for visiting!


Latest review of Wolf Spirit

Hi there, my book Wolf Spirit got a little write up in the Midwest Book Reviews. Here is the blurb!

” Attunement with nature is there for everyone, it just needs to be found. “Wolf Spirit: The Story of Moon Beam” tells of a young white girl and how she comes to live in the Northern forests of Canada where danger and death potentially lurk behind every corner. With the help of an Indian Chief, Rachel finds that the forests have much to teach her, and she has things to teach the forest. Wolf Spirit is a fine read that young readers will relish.”
– Midwest Book Reviews

So that’s very nice to have. This afternoon I’m going to be interviewed on MBC radio, a station in Saskatchewan that has a great Aboriginal audience. I’ll be sure to post a copy of the interview here when it airs!