No More Bottles

Our Grandson Morgan was a man of few words and didn’t speak clearly, until he was about 3 years old, and we were all guilty about him still having his bottle at nap and bed times.

Well the day came when his Mom dropped him off on her way to work and said “ok grandma no more bottle for Morgan” I said “okay.” The day went without a hitch and Morgan never once asked for his bottle, it was amazing.

The next morning the moment his Mom left for work Morgan asked for his bottle. I said “Morgan you know yesterday Mom said no more bottles for you.”

He said “ Yes but she didn’t say Today no more bottles for Morgan.”



Our oldest granddaughter Brittany came out of the womb talking and chatted up a storm. Before she was three she had been a flower girl twice, she had two great grandfathers, and two grandfathers all living.
The little girl was fascinated with wedding dresses, tiaras, diamond rings, wedding rings and floral bouquets and she was an expert about it all.

One day while getting ready for my daughter’s wedding we were driving up town and she looked over at my wedding rings and said,” Oh Gamaw what bootiful wedding wings you have. Were did you get them?” “Well honey.” I said “I got them from Grandpa”

She asked “Which one?” (meaning which grandpa I suspect!)