Tis the Season

This week my publicist sent out a Christmas press release to the media to promote my book the Three Saints of Christmas. So far, over 380 media have opened and read that release. For those of you who aren’t media, here’s an excerpt to get you into the Christmas and book buying mood- it’s a great stocking stuffer for all ages!

” Oh, my goodness. Morgan! Where is he?” Gabriel had forgotten all about him. What kind of guardian angel was he, forgetting about the little hunter? He started running toward the buck brush and then stopped, for there was Morgan dragging the biggest turkey Gabriel had ever seen. Heaving a sigh of relief, Gabriel put his arm around the young boy’s shoulders saying, “Good work Morgan! we’ve had a bit of an accident and we have to hurry home. Come on, I ‘ll tell you what has happened while we catch up to the others.”

To find out what happened and about the accident contact us and
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