Wonderful review of the new book

Hello there, I just wanted to post this wonderful review of my new book Mary: Woman of Sorrows. Please consider sharing with your friends, or better yet – buy the book!

I just finished reading your last book Mary: Woman Of Sorrows, I can only try to explain the great effect that this book had on me. After discussing the book with my friend and neighbour, the passion that she showed [for] the book after she read it and the awesome conversation we had about it, I knew I must read it.
It was one of those books that once you start to read it, there is no putting it down until it is done, and that is exactly what I did, read it till it was done!
This book touched me on many different levels, first as a woman and the many [injustices] that we face everyday for being born female. Second as a Christian, and the close relationship that I share with Jesus Christ each and every single day, realizing all over again exactly what he did for me. And third as a mother, and the lengths I would go to for any of my children at any time or [in] any place or situation.
I thank you Bev for this book and your and your opinions. I find you to be very brave to even dare to write about this subject, and feel empowered as a woman after reading it!
Thanks again for the awsome read…