Imagination running a little too wild!

People often say that writers – especially fiction writers – really are a different breed of person. I got to thinking about that lately when someone asked me about the inspiration for my latest book. One of the things that I think does set us apart is the way we try and create backstories for everyone and everything we see.

Writers are notorious people watchers. Why? Because when we see someone interesting on the street we instantly go about creating whole imaginary worlds to surround that person. This specifically helped me in creating some of my recent characters who, from the outset, have been on the wrong side of the law.

It came to me when passing a correctional facility one day – I just started asking myself exactly who might be in there. And, more importantly, what might those prisoners have done to land themselves in there? Before I knew it, I had created a whole dark background for these characters that sometimes even scared me!

Only a little longer to wait before you’ll get the chance to see what creepy characters I created!


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