Breaking down “Evil”

I’m super excited about the upcoming release for my latest novel, Evil on the Peace River. It’s a real departure from other things I’ve written which provided me with a lot of interesting opportunities, as well as challenges. I’ve decided to spend a few posts talking about those different elements and how all it came together.

It’s the story of two psychopathic brothers who’ve broken out of prison and are on a rampage across thePeace River region. But of course, what’s a good ‘fugitive on the run’ story without a strong protagonist? I’ve found though that in most of these kinds of stories the protagonist is usually a single (male) police officer. But while there is a main detective who figures prominently, I didn’t really want to have the story centered around him and his role in the case. Instead, I’ve pitted the deranged brothers against a formidable foe: Jane Hall – an independent rancher on a solo journey through the Peace Hills.

I wanted to dismiss some of the clichés associated with these types of stories and I didn’t want women only playing the role of victim. Jane is a strong female character I’m really proud of – I like to think there’s a little bit of me hidden inside that characterization. I’m looking forward to sharing her with all of you as soon as Evil on the Peace River is available for sale!