The “when” of Evil on the Peace River

One of the most difficult decisions I had to make during my various drafts of this novel was about the time period. I had to make some difficult decisions about what era would best suit the atmosphere of the story I wanted to tell. Ultimately, I decided to set it in the 1950s for one very simple reason: technology, or the lack of it!

We’ve become so used to email, cel phones, and google that it’s hard to imagine how a small town would cope with a major violent crime and fugitives on the run. There’s no cel phone or credit card records to help track down criminals. The idea of having to approach a manhunt as a police officer without the benefit of DNA or something as simple as electronic records really intrigued me. Before they had all our sophisticated technology and officers went out on patrol they were incredibly vulnerable. If they didn’t happen to be near their car radios they were essentially cut off from the world; anything could happen to them without anyone else knowing.

That “anything’ could be something pretty darn horrific, and in Evil on the Peace River that’s exactly what it is…


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