The “where” of Evil on the Peace River

Keeping along the lines of my post about being inspired by your surroundings,  I thought I’d talk about the “where” of my latest novel. I chose the setting for my latest novel Evil on the Peace River very carefully. The events that take place are violent and dark – moreso than in anything else I’ve written before. I needed to choose an environment that would heighten the atmosphere of tension felt when you have two raging psychopaths on the loose.

So while I love living out here, it can occasionally serve to give me the shivers a bit too. When I’m out driving on a dark dirt road and I’m the only one out there it does occasionally cross my mind what could happen if I broke down without my cel phone and without a soul around for miles to help me. And navigating through the hills and forests of the Peace is not a task one should take without a good map or some really good advice!

So really, while I’m most inclined to see the beauty in the Peace Hills, it’s not such a stretch to use it as the backdrop for a story of terror. Even the most hardened country person occasionally gets spooked by the sound of a hooting owl in the dark…


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