‘Tis the season for tales of terror!

As I’ve said before, Evil on the Peace River was my first venture into exploring the creepier aspects of human behaviour. And in all honesty, I loved it! Delving into the darker side of life was a blast. I think what I loved about it was the endless number of opportunities to essentially ‘go nuts’ creatively.

And I think that’s why I so look forward to Halloween. I mean really, what other time of year do you get to watch the physical embodiment of almost every creepy character you could imagine, just walking down the street? October was MADE to inspire creativity.

And I think it’s especially inspiring to children. In fact, I honestly think there’s no better time of year to get those creative juices flowing in youngsters than Halloween. So if you’ve got a budding writer in your family, why not take the opportunity to spark their imagination during this season.

To help them along, I’ve found some great Halloween writing prompts for the Poe Jr. in your household:



And if your child ends up writing a story of Lovecraftian proprotions, why not send it along to me? We might be able to share their work with the world!



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