Writing in the witching hour.

I talked last week about how much I love the changing of the season All Hallow’s Eve grows nearer. But there’s another reason why fall brings out the best in me, creatively-speaking. I really do my best work as a writer in exactly the kind of conditions germane to this time of year.

Living on a farm there’s a huge amount of work to do in order to keep things rolling smoothly. Obviously 90% of that work has to be during the day-time, so if I want to write my only real option is to do so in the evening. And once the cooler months arrive and work on the farm slows down, I’ve got more time to do what I love best.

I’m incredibly fortunate to have a two-story antique home right on the banks of the Peace River. So when the sun goes down I light a fire and write until dawn. I really couldn’t ask for a more perfect atmosphere. Peace and quiet, solitude, and the flickering of the fire—a writer’s paradise, really.

So with the ever-shortening days and the instinct to hibernate slowly kicking in, I’m looking forward to a productive writing season!


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