What’s your favourite scary movie? It was probably a book first!

It’s Halloween Eve and there’s no end of ghosts and goblins preparing to take over the streets and wreak a little candy-related havoc tomorrow night. There’s also no end to the number of fright films being broadcast on television at the moment, a real treat for horror buffs to be sure!

But I’m not really into horror movies—so how am I celebrating the holiday? Why by going to the source material for the scariest movies out there: books! People often forget that many of the most frightening stories every to hit the celluloid were, in fact, novels first.

Just think of the scariest films you’ve seen: The Shining, Psycho, Woman in Black, Stepford Wives, Rosemary’s Baby, even Jaws—all found their first expression on the written page!

And why do I prefer to read ‘scary’ rather than watch it? Well, the fact that a book sustains the tension over many hours, rather than a pat 90 or 120 minutes makes it far more thrilling! And when it’s a particularly well-written thriller I find you get far more absorbed in the story than you ever could with all the distractions surrounding you watching a movie in your living room.

So tomorrow night, after the trick-or-treaters have retreated with their sacks full of candy, consider curling up with a creepy tale of terror. You could even ‘treat’ yourself to a copy of Evil on the Peace River!


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