Don’t let your holiday stories be lost!

images (1)The snow is a-flyin’ out here in Manning, and across the prairies of Canada. If you love to write, even just for yourself, there’s something about the season that just makes all want to stay indoors. There’s nothing like cozying up next to a warm fire with a fresh new notebook and a cup of tea as I watch the snow fill up your window pane.

And even better is the fact that the coming Christmas season brings with it so many sources of inspiration. The holidays, of course, bring families and friends together unlike any other time of the year. Often, brand new generations will be introduced to activities, stories, and even recipes for the first time. And as new families are created (be they blood, or otherwise), a great way to ensure that everyone’s traditions are kept alive is to write them down. You can collect them in a journal for yourself, or publish them in a book to share them with everyone in the family.

Plus November and December usually finds us and about more, attending events, gatherings, and just getting ready for the season—setting us up for all sorts of interactions and situations. They often say that true life is stranger than fiction, and I’m sure you’ll find that many of your family’s stories fit that bill!  Don’t believe me? Have a read of some of these holiday stories from Reader’s Digest a few years back. I bet if you think about it, there are more than a few hilarious festive skeletons in your family’s closet as well!

I can personally attest to the therapeutic nature of writing. If you find yourself getting caught up in preparations for the season and need to unwind, try it out! And if it goes well, make it an annual tradition of your own to record and collect the stories of the season—you’ll end up with a wonderful gift to both yourself, and your family!


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