Evil on the Peace River – Published by Inkwater Press (May, 2012)

There’s no name for the kind of evil that’s taken a foothold in the hills…

The calmness of the community is reflected in its name. Manning is the kind of small town you read about: where everyone knows your name; where neighbours look out for each other; and where the toughest kind of criminal you’re likely to come across is a lone horse thief.

But a cold wind has blown unto the peace-as the locals call it-one that takes the form of two psychopaths whose consciences are guided only by their own twisted desires. Bent on wreaking as much carnage as possible while they line their pockets, two brothers terrorize the normally quiet Northern Alberta community.

Their deadly rampage gathers steam, cutting a bloody swath across the hills. It’s a deadly game of ‘hunt to kill’, as police struggle to stem the tide of bodies the brothers leave in their wake.

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Mary: Woman of Sorrows, published by Inkwater Press (May 2011)

Mary – Woman of Sorrows is a work of historical fiction, a book based on the author’s interpretation of the lives and experiences of two women named Mary, who are more like sisters than friends.

The story, as envisioned by its author, includes some of the events described in the Holy Bible (King James Version). Central to the story is the birth of Jesus, his life as a boy and a young man, his disciples, and his crucifixion. It also includes his miraculous resurrection as well as his continuing work with his disciples.

In an unusual twist the two central characters are Mary, Mother of Jesus, and the ever-present Mary Magdalene. Jesus and the apostles play a secondary role in this challenging and unusual tale. Although based on biblical events some of the happenings in this tale are obviously fictional.

One of the underlying themes of this centuries-old story is still a major issue today and that is – the submission of women to men – in both the religious and the secular worlds. This contemporary interpretation of some of the characters, practices, and events in the Bible, as seen through the eyes of a woman of today, offer a powerful message regarding equality and respect.

Wolf Spirit: The Story of Moon Beam, published by InkWater Press (January 2010)

Set in Northern Canada, this fictional adventure story follows the life of Rachel (Moon Beam) an orphaned settler and her adopted wolf pack as she struggles to survive the perils of the untamed wilderness.

After Rachel saves Storm, an Indian Chief from a rogue grizzly attack, the two young people are thrown together in a clash of two cultures, but united in their feelings for each other. Compelling and lovingly written, this book will appeal to everyone who wants to step back in time and enjoy a family friendly adventure.

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The Three Saints of Christmas, published by InkWater Press (September 2009)

Deep in the Canadian frontier, five children stave off the bitter winter cold while the adults trek to town to buy supplies for Christmas. As days pass and the adults fail to return home to their cabin, it is up to 11-year-old Brittany to protect her younger brother and cousins against wolves, mountain lions, and a dwindling food supply.Only through the intervention of three mysterious and kindly men will the children have a prayer of seeing their families again.

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An Elk in the House, published by NeWest Press (Spring 2006)

Have you ever walked into your living room to find an elk contentedly watching television? Meet Butter, human companion and elk extraordinaire at the Seventh Avenue Elk Ranch in Manning, Alberta. When ranchers Beverly and Carson Lein chose the unique occupation of farming elk, they didn’t count on parenting and adopting one.

Born with a paralyzed leg and an initial refusal to nurse, Butter struggled to survive from the start. And Bev became a mother elk. Despite Butter’s slim chance of survival, Bev loyally fought each day to teach the baby elk what should have been her first instincts. This was the beginning of the adventures of Butter, a wild animal with a human heart.

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