New year, new goals

2013My goodness, it’s hard to believe it’s already been a month since I’ve posted—I just got so caught up with the holidays that blogging was one of the things sacrificed to the time-gods! But I’m back now and looking forward to another year of writing and sharing the experience with my wonderful fans and friends.

Granted, it’s a little bit late to talk about New Year’s resolutions, but I think as long as it’s still January it’s fair game. But rather than talk about my own resolutions I thought I’d talk about how best to make those resolutions a reality.

This is the time of year where a lot of people completely abandon their resolutions—it leaves a lot of people feeling depressed (if the weather hadn’t gotten them depressed already) because they start feeling like they’ve failed themselves. Well, I can’t do much about the weather (lord knows that living in Alberta, I wish I could!), but I can help with the resolutions. Because guess what, the best way to turn your resolution into an achievable goal is through….drumroll please…writing!

Just check out #4 on The Seven Rules of New Year’s Resolutions. The simple process of setting out your goals in writing makes you ten times more likely to achieve them, and those are pretty good odds. And if your resolution is to write the Great Canadian Novel, when then getting that pen moving is a must!

So I to close, I wish you all success, peace, and joy for this 2013, and get writing!


Lovely, lovely, Labour Day

Ah, the September long weekend—here at last! I often think of this as the last long weekend of the year, really. Sure, there’s Thanksgiving, but given that it’s usually already pretty cold by that point we don’t really get the chance to enjoy it. And of course, you’re inevitably inundated with family visits and cooking like a fiend.

But the September long weekend, that’s just for you—a time to relax and have a few days to yourself to catch up on things around the house or just to take some time to yourself  to do what you love best.

So it’s probably no surprise to most of you that I plan on doing a bit of writing this weekend. Now, I’m not going to be venturing into the madness that is the 3-Day Novel Contest I talked about last week, but I am going to try and make a dent in some new projects.

If you’re using the Labour Day weekend to get ahead on your writing projects but aren’t sure where to start, here are some great tips I found to get you rolling.