It’s wonderful when people say nice things about you and your writing. Here are a few of those thoughts from readers, friends, and family.

“Bev, I just finished reading your book Evil on the Peace River, I loved it. Enjoyed reading it very much!! – Rhonda Matheson Dechant

“I just finished reading Evil On The Peace River…loved it!! Had it read in a day excellent story” –Tony Garvey

“I just finished reading your newest book [Evil on the Peace River] and it was great. You did a terrific job.”  –Judy Coates

Thank you so much for  the signed copy of your book! I finally got to sit down and read it! It was absolutely amazing. I loved it and found it very hard toput down. In your writing, you were able to breathe life into your characters,and by doing so it made them very easy to relate to and love. I hope you plan on making it a series because I am officially addicted to Moon Beam and her family!!! – Talley Lein Robinson

“ Great books, loved them both ( The Three Saints of Christmas and Wolf Spirit- The Story of Moon Beam). Earl even read the wolf one. He really enjoyed it and he never reads books! – Vivian Robinson

I laughed and I cried as I read this delightful book and was regularly reminded of similar happenings on our own elk farm.” – Glenda Elkow, Chair, Alberta Elk Commission

“Bev I can’t believe you have another book out already??? You are my hero!
Kaitlin I have read Bev’s first 2 books and loved them both… cant wait to
read Wolf Spirit. I usually order it from amazon so that cousin Bev actually
gets paid for her hard work!!! Only problem  is that I don’t get an
autograph –
Kelly-Ann Ressler de Wit

“Hi aunty I read your newest book while I was on holidays…I LOVED IT!!! I
could totally see that book being made into a movie:)”
– Toni Garvey

“Hi Bev I read your newest book while we were on holidays to I liked it too.
I could totally see this book being made into a movie as well..
.”- Rob Garvey

Just finished your book Wolf Spirit, LOVED IT !!!”– Cathy Ressler

“Great books, Loved them both.Earl even read the wolf one. He really enjoyed it. He never reads books,but he read yours and really liked it. Keep up the  stories.”– Vivian Robinson

“I just wanted to let you know that I finished your book and it
was amazing , as I was reading it, once again I could picture it in my mind
just like a movie . Your characters come alive , I hope this is just the
first of a Wolf Spirit series as I loved it and was sorry when I got to the
end. Keep writing ducky you are as amazing as your stories are.”
-Tracy Boos