Reading too much? Impossible!

mommyreadsHalf-way through the blog tour finds us at Mommy Reads Too Much (how is that possible??), and another repeat customer! Having read Three Saints of Christmas, I imagine she wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I’m so glad to find the major shift in genre was well-received! Evil on the Peace River definitely doesn’t fall under the same ‘feel good’ category as my Christmas novel, but it’s a page-turner nonetheless.

And thanks to, for reminding everyone of the giveway associated with this tour. Scroll down below the review for your chance to win FOUR books!!


Ducks on the Peace River?

shopping duckHave ducks invaded the Peace River? We stopped at The Shopping Duck today for our next pitstop on our blog tour, and were glad to see nothing ran a-fowl (hah!)!

Their review highlights the fact that Evil on the Peace River is a great ‘one-sitting’ read. It keeps you glued to its pages, so make sure you clear your schedule when you sit down to read it!

Make sure you check out our feathered friends at The Shopping Duck for great tips and reviews for one of my favourite pastimes: book shopping!

New fans are the best!

auntOne of the reasons I love doing blog tours is that I get to reach a whole new audience who may not have encountered my writing better. So I was heartened to read after stopping at The Ordinary Aunt, that I’ve got a new fan: “This is the first (but definitely not the last) book by Beverly Lein that I’ve read.” I hope you enjoy my other books as much as you did Evil on the Peace River! 

These Mamas got a lot of flair!

mamasgotflairOne of the most gratifying things for me as an author, is when readers connect with a book in all the ways I’d hoped they would. So I was especially excited to read the review for Evil on the Peace River written by Jessi at Mama’s Got Flair, this Momma’s certainly got flair for writing thoughtful reviews! As someone who had also read The Three Saints of Christmas, there was an added level of fun seeing her reaction to this dramatically different work.

The mommas at Mama’s Got Flair do a great job, be sure to follow their blog and visit them on facebook.

Thanks for letting me stop by, ladies!

“Edge of your seat”

Well those are the words a thriller writer always wants to hear! And thankfully, more of today’s blog tour stops have elicited that praise–I hope that Saving for 6 enjoys my other books as well!

More kind words from Niki’s Book Corner, I just had to share with you:

“OMGosh this is a sit on the end of your chair and keep on reading kinda book, you just can’t stop. You find yourself in a small town where the peace is over when things start to happen.  Those brothers are so evil. Love the way it is written and look forwards to more books of Beverly.”

Thanks so much for taking the time to read Evil on the Peace River, and for sharing your thoughts. Make sure you stop by to read her other reviews!nikis

Stopping for a chat in some cosy corners!

Well the blog tour Evil on the Peace River is full-steam ahead, and we’ve already made stops in two cosy corners of the internet!

First off, we stopped off at A Mama’s Cosy Corner of the World, a great blog full of book reviews, recipes, tips for busy moms, and more! I’m so glad that she had as much fun reading it, as I did writing it!

My Cozie CornerThen to My Cozie Corner where Susan cuddled up with my first thriller and gave it a five-star review! Susan’s got a great selection of genres reviewed on her page, so make sure to check it out!

A bloggin’ we will go!

blog-yellow-signWell, we may just have been blanketed with a harsh reminder that winter hasn’t quite yet left us, but I’m still in a ‘spring’ frame of mind! With that in mind, I’ve decided it’s time to get out and about, even if just virtually. So I’m going on a promotional book tour!

Starting this Thursday, I’ll be hopping around different blogs (get it, hopping? Spring?) to talk about my books. And to sweeten the pot, we’ll be running a giveaway in conjunction with the tour. A prize pack of four–count ’em, 4!!–books are up for grabs. It’s a $40 value, and I’ll be sharing the details with you soon.

Stay tuned, I’d love to have you along with me on the tour!